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Audio Intense - DIY electronic kits

Our Credo

Work in such a way as if the equipment would be intended for you!

Activity of craftsmen - high grade quality products - delivery times:

We do this business since 1996 with heart and soul. Driven by enthusiasm and the desire to offer somewhat special we developed these kits. They represent the result of many years work.
Each devices develops in manual work, with much heart blood and attention for each detail. In each equipment is a small little of everyone, which worked on it. See these kits and devices not only as technical equipment but, as alive part of those, which spent thereby many hours, in order to breathe it lives.
And please, be patient with us, if it lasts somewhat longer until your ordered device arrives. If there should be a delay, it is because of the fact, that we are no robots and do not work on the assembly-line. We, that small team of Akustik Perfekt (Horst (myself), Frank, Thorsten and others who support us), works, as if each equipment would be intended for ourselves. Therefore it lasts already somewhat longer. See this please as advantage and as special respect, which we tribute our customers


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