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jitter killer

Reclock Sytem - Jitter Killer

A new sound out of the CD-Pro2LF!


This device co-operates outstanding with the CD-Pro transport. It is an really plug´and ´play device. It will be connected between s/pdif output of the CD-Pro or another CD-transport and the DAC.

The result is astonishing: The sound works clear up and more calmly. The instruments and voices are better to locate in their position on the stage after the jitter killer is connected. The woman's voices are very silky. The high frequencies are less sharp. Everything works more vividly and more audible.


S/PDIF-Recklock System

By the circuit the following improvements in sound are possible, which depend naturally strongly on the input signal and on the following DAC input stage:
The sound will be more calmly and more cleared up. The woman's voices are very silky. The high frequencies are less sharp. Everything works more vividly and more audible.

In different to other solutions which substitute the original crystal oscillator of the CD-Pro2lf against a better, the output signal of the CD-Two MKIII will be relieved from jitter by a special eliminating circuit called jitter-killer. That has crucial advantages:
The CD-Pro2LF does not have to be changed. There is not a risk of a malfunctioning, because on the sensitive printed circuit board of the drive assembly must not be soldered for changing the crystal.
A later exchange of the transport is simply possible without expensive changes.
Upgrades can be simply re-tooled. No special extremely expensive and only with a reseller available components are needed.
The sound result is alike the solution with changing the crystal.

Another advantage i the very stable out signal (please see below)!


This module is designed around the well regarded Wolfson WM8804 chip. It is a SPDIF transceiver
which can both transmit and receive SPDIF. This manual covers supported basic configurations.
Advanced configurations may require that you consult the WM8804 data sheet. It can receive on
SPDIF_IN and send dejittered audio through SPDIF_OUT. It can also take PCM input and output
SPDIF. The module is geared toward hardware configuration mode with an on board 12Mhz crystal.
We deliver as an option a precise 12 Mhz clock to upgrade the sound additional.

The kit is separated in 3 stages: buffer, jitter killer, line driver. It will work with sample frequencies up to

Details and interconnections: click here

interconnections jitter-killer in CD-Two MK II:  click here


This is an example for the out put signal of a CD-Player

CD 630 from Philips.

This is the signal coming from the CD-Pro2 direct without output stages and jitter killer:


This is the improvement that the jitter killer and the additional stages make:


You have much better flanks no overshoot. A perfect signal rectangular wave.



You can order the power supply as follows:


  1. schematics
  2. Layout with schematics (eagle board)
  3. PCB with parts
  4. PCB soldered and tested

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