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Evaluation of customers

Evaluation of our customers

link to a forum:  http://www.hififorum.at/forum/showthread.php?p=157331

What does the customers say  CD-Two MKII :

Roman Bargarada, Russian Federation said to the complete CD-Two MKII Transport  with jitter killer:

Horst, very good Player!!!
Sound dynamic, transparent with a good resolution.
I have "CD transport II" by Audio note (UK, Peter Kwortrup). Good  device. But WENZEL PRODUCTION much, much, much better.
I was very pleasantly surprised for your product.
Maybe I need additional one or two CD transports. Also after a while I a need a DAC.”


Frederic Granger, Switzerland said to the complete CD-Two MKII Transport with jitter-Kiler

“Your player is an amazing machine;-)

Now clearly better than my Mephisto in every  domain, like:
-Dynamic, detail ,neutral, timbres and  soundstage...Everywhere! It was not the  case in the begining but I was sure that  the burn in would be all  benefit for it.

Francois B., Switzerland

The Player:
Is really fantastic. I am very glad with it. It changes  the whole intallation, it is a real "plus". It's the best Player I have  ever heard. You can be proud of your work and you must be well-known.



What does the customers say to my transactions on ebay especially the high end full metal clamper:



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