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PHILIPS VAU1254/31 CD-PRO2LF CD-Pro2 DIY High-End professional complete CD-Player kits, and individual components approximately around the topics CD-Player, DA-Converter and amplifier.

DAC in design and sound suitable for the CD-Pro2LF transport





Technical Data :

DA Wandler

DAC PCM1704 - 24 bit 96 kHz


I2S (optional), USB (optional) S/PDIF, AES / EBU


XLR (symmetrisch), RCA (unsymmetrisch)


6,5 Kilogramm

AC Mains

AC 230V oder 115V (50-60Hz), Watt


> 114 dBA / 0,0009 %

Dynamic / Channel Separation

> 100 dB / > 115 dB

Dimensions (B x T x H)

434 x 340 x 102 mm


Schwarz oder Silber

The DAC-Pre is DA converter and preamplifier in one device. It offers a high -end converting by Texas Instruments PCM1704 IC and 3. order Filter. It can be connected by coaxial input stage. This device is to be settled by the employment of high-quality parts sounding on highest level. The condensers in the filter are selected by hand. As operation amplifiers LME49710 for filtering and audio output are used. The LME49710 operational amplifier reproduces the sound more natural, offers the best precision and so the best equality between the two channels. The device can work with frequencies from 32 to 96 kHz. The output filters (3.Order) are doubly present. Per one for the frequencies 32-48 kHz and one for 88 and/or. 96 kHz. Thus HF portions are filtered in the best way out. Optional symmetric output stage can be implemented. It works with the famous SSM2141.

Sound: By the complex circuit of converting and filtering the sound is very warm and calm. Details are precisely worked out. The lower frequencies wins at outline. The higher frequencies losses in opposite to other DAC´s the sharpness. With a good cable connection between transport and DAC it changes sovereign each digital information into an alive spraying sound.

The volume control (optional) works with two stages. Between them the ALPS poti is to be settled. It can be controlled by remote. 

Combination of DA converters and preamps

* Optional adjustable or fixed output

* Channel separated configuration

* Master Clock with real 5ppm: reduction of jitter

* Separate low noise power supply for supplying control, digital and analogue section

* 2-stage line filter for the elimination of network defects

* 2-speed digital input with reclocking for jitter reduction

* Output filter (3rd order), duplicated

* Analogue output variable or static, high-current output driver (balanced and unbalanced)

* Wiring with handmade silver Teflon cable

* Resonance optimized housing with a sub chassis

* Remote Control

DAC at1

The DAC itself work with two PCM1704 for each channel one and filtering of the output stage work with LME49710 and high end MKP and FKP condensers. (hand selected)

The electrolytic are the same FC as we use for other sections.

The two channels are separated with a metal shield in the middle.



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