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Some download information:

Dimensional information on the CD-PRO2 module  [33 KB]

User Manual Premium 105011 [69 KB]

Cable specification of CD-Pro [33 KB]

Various IC specifications:

SAA7324 [

304 KB]
DAC AK4348 [241 KB

]TDA7073 [88 KB]

TZA1022 [459 KB]

EvaluationBoard DAC  ekd4384 [351 KB]

Technical specification of the VAU1254bis (858k pdf) [47 KB]

Application Note 1 [47 KB]

Application Note 2 [47 KB]

User manual of the CD-PRO2 with some detailed information on the module it self. [727 KB]

Datasheet CD-Pro [762 KB]

Connection Overview of CD-Pro and components [252 KB]

Interconnections jitter-killer in CD-Two MK II

Maintenance manual VAU1254(PRO2) [98 KB]

DSA Notes [98 KB]

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Assembling instructions part 1

under construction

Assembling instructions part 22

under construction

Assembling instructions  part 3



For  technical data of the CD-Pro, please contact us with an inquiry. For customers the data are for free. For all other interested people we will charge a small amount for each PDF.file.(2,50 € if you need more maximum for all 10 €)

If you contact us, we will send you a link with a pass word to enter our cloud with all data.


or follow this link: contact



DSA Communication



Tecnical Notes [98 KB]

Application Notes [34 KB]

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