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DIY CD-Player kits2

PHILIPS VAU1254/31 CD-PRO2LF CD-Pro-2 DIY High-End professional complete CD-Player kits, and individual components approximately around the topics CD-Player, DA-Converter and amplifier.

High-End CD-Player kits with CD-Pro2LF, CD-Pro2, VAU1254/31.

Build a CD-Player by your own with the well known  PHILIPS VAU1254/3, CD-PRO2LF CD-engine!
A dream becomes true. Own conceptions of the sound and design can be realized.
A hobby drive on the point and saving much money in opposite to a finished Player. High-End Sound for less money.
All kits are plug´n`play components!

We use the famous CD-Pro2LF transport made by Philips!
...a fascinating hobby!

The building of an own CD-Player.

The CD-Player we developed works with a VAU1254/31 CD-Pro2LF transport by Philips. This transport is year-used from us with much success. I selected this transport at that time, because it is very durable and long-lived and has excellent sound quality.
Remarkably is also the outstanding error-correction!
Based on this part we developed the peripheral building groups and the cabinets with the default to realize a outstanding sound as well as long life time.

We developed high grade and low resonance cabinets hand made in small series with high quality materials. !


CD-Player Model Two MK III


CD-Transport CD-Two MK III - Discover the difference.

  1. A very complex two-stage filtering on the AC line side. The second stage is discretely developed and co-ordinated with the drive assembly.
  2. The transformer we use are small from it’s  dimensions but strong and have only a small scattering field. That means less magnetic induction.
  3. An extremely complex analogue power supply with many innovative details. A very stable supply voltage with extremely low noise and spikes from the AC side.
  4. All supply voltages are high frequency-moderately decoupled.
  5. All lines are blocked by ferrite cores for high frequency disturbances .
  6. Cables are laid after exactly certain position and are twisted.
  7. All signal lines are connected with twisted silver/teflon cables.
  8. The signal output is three stage developed. The coupling to the DAC takes place by a special transformer.
  9. In different to other solutions which substitute the original crystal oscillator of the CD-Pro2lf against a better, the output signal of the CD-Two MKIII will be relieved from jitter by a special eliminating circuit called jitter-killer. That has crucial advantages:
    The CD-Pro does not have to be changed. There is not a risk of a malfunctioning, because on the sensitive printed circuit board of the drive assembly must not be soldered for changing the crystal.
    A later exchange of the transport is simply possible without expensive changes.
    Upgrades can be simply re-tooled. No special extremely expensive and only with a reseller available components are needed.
    The sound result is alike the solution with changing the crystal.
  10. All printed circuit boards are coated with plastic. This increases the long-term stability and reduces resonances.
  11. All printed circuit boards are soldered by hand with high-quality silver brazing.
  12. The housing is to be avoided particularly complex arranged around suppression of resonances to protect the CD against light and to optimise thus the sound the CD-Pro.
  13. The development of the CD-transport up to the today's conditions took approx. 10 years. On this High Tech product we are particularly proud.
    The ground consists of a two layers with different components - one  acrylic and one made of aluminium. This combination have acoustical neutral behaviour . Whereupon follows a particularly developed admission for the CD-transport, which provides for stability in the housing and in the sound. The housing is carried by a special profile and stands on spikes
    The cover of the CD-pit effected via a moment arm that is ball bearing and again made substantial of several layers. The housing is bolted several times substantial.

    These features provide for perfect depiction of the music signal an above average locatableness and precision pay attention to every detail.



















We can support your plans for building your own CD-Pro2LF CD-Player with the following services and parts:

  1. Ideas for own conceptions
  2. Schematics of the and Layouts
  3. Interconnection overviews
  4. PCB´s, bare without components
  5. PCB assembled and tested
  6. special components for building DAC´s and CD-Players, for example Clamper, signal transformers, crystals ...
  7. complete high-end chassis
  8. mechanical parts for support your own  chassis designs
  9. ready assembled CD-Players (outside EU countries)

We offer the following parts and building blocks for DIY CD-Player with CD-Pro2LF:




DSA Controller Board with display section

power supplies




What we offer: CD-Pro2M, CD-Pro, cd-pro2, cdpro2lf
  • noble CD Player kits with CD-Pro2LF
  • everything approximately around the building of CD Player:
    • power supplies
    • display-sections
    • digital and analog output-stages
    • filters...DAC's
  • precise amplifiers with unusual solutions
  • high end cabinets






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