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DSA Controller

PHILIPS VAU1254/3 CD-PRO2LF CD-Pro2 DIY High-End professional complete CD-Player kits, and individual components approximately around the topics CD-Player, DA-Converter and amplifier

Display/ DSA Controller PCB for CD-Pro2LF CD-Pro2

Description and operating instructions Display/Controller fr CD-Pro2LF ( CD-Pro2 ) VAU1254/31

What is the advantage of this DSA/Display Board:

  1. It is optimized to produce less spikes to the power supply. One can use it without additional power supply
    • it have only a small power consumption
  2. The DSA board can drive several relays to switsch the power on/of for CD-Pro
    • that means a longer life time for the CD-Pro and the power supply and less power consuption in stand by modus
  3. The DSAboard and display board can be assembled in diffrenet situation into the chassis
    • only a small space is required for mounting.
  4. The display board can be mounted only with for srews to the frontpanel (with additional display holder)

Controller with LCD display blue/white for CD-Pro2, article number: 21059



Both PCBs will be delivered with all connectors and cables.

Measures of both printed circuit board in as-delivered condition:  196x100 x 18 mm


    • Power up/down of the CD-Pro2 Power Supply switched over Relays (optional)
    • Remote Control
    • Cover open/close → Motor drive optional
    • power supply 5 V
    • DSA Bus for CD-Pro2
    • push buttons soldered
    • I2S DAC mode switch

Operating keys:

    • Play/Pause
    • Stop
    • Next track
    • Previous track
    • Stand by

supported functions over the remote control:

    • Play
    • Pause
    • Stop
    • Next track
    • Previous track
    • Intro scan
    • Repeat disc
    • Search forward/backward

LCD-Display for CD-Pro2 :
The display has a blue background, which can be adjusted in the brightness.
The numbers and letters are white and can also be adjusted in the brightness.



Measures of the visible surface : 58 x 18 mm 


Datasheet of the LCD-Display



Highlight of the controller CD-Pro2 is the variable application:

The printed circuit board is delivered, shown as in Illustration above. It has a perforation and/or a break section in the centre and can simply be divided into two halves.

The PCB of the display and controller section for CD-Pro2



Assembly the PCB as whole unit:
as shown in the illustration at the top.
This assembly can be meaningful, if the front plate is sufficient large or the display from above should be visible.

If one desire that the dimensions are to high you can break the PCB in to halves as described in the following.

How to break the PCB into two halves: The PCB can be broken easily, if desired in two a halves.The break section is the area with the slits shown in the PCB picture above as broken green lines in the middle. One presses on the other side. The plate can be separated easily if one lays the PCB on a table edge. The break section is thereby exactly on the table edge
Another possibility of the separation consists of splitting the bars between the plates.

This makes sense, if one has available only a small front panel.

Thus the height of the printed circuit board reduces by half to approx. 49.5 mm

The cable connections between the printed circuit boards are provided.


As a result of the separation now further mounting types arise:

  • Assembly one behind the other:

By this mounting option the whole unit can be fastened comfortably completely behind the front panel. The potentiometers for brightness and back light remain accessible.
By altogether 8 fastening spots the unit receives special stability.


Within the upper range one sees the bars of the break section.

Details of the display section for CD-Pro2LF:




Here one can see, how the two PCBs are firmly mounted with spacers.

Measures in this version:  196 x 49,5 x 35 mm

With this mounting option the printed circuit board with the display and the buttons is installed at the front panel. The second printed circuit board with the controller discovers directly behind on the base plate.



This version has the advantage, that one has still entrance after the assembly to the controller, in order to e.g. bring in updates or to connect later relays.





cables and connectorIf you order a stuffed board for CD-Pro2LF the female connectors are as well included  and the display PCB is ready made and packed in the parcel.

The buttons are mounted. If you want the buttons mount in the frontpanel, you have to take other ones. In that case the upper section of the switch can be removed and the new cables can be soldered at the bottom of the dismantled switches .



Interconnections of the display section for CD-Pro2


Interconnection of the switches for the CD-cover:


display window lens

Front window with green lens for display:
We offer only a green lens. Please see picture above.In case you want it even darker use an extra green filter between display and lens. This trick is used as well in commercial players.

display window

The display window consists of full material acryl plastic and can be delivered for different frontpanel thickness


transparent acrylic


IR-receiver window

The IR receiver window consists of full material acrylic plastic and can be delivered for different front panel thickness

For details and dimensions click here! 


push button

The push button consists of full material aluminium and can be delivered for different frontpanel thickness.

For details and dimensions click here!  


You can order the DSA controller as follows:

  1. schematics
  2. Layout with schematics (eagle board)
  3. PCB with parts
  4. PCB soldered and tested
  5. Programmed controller
  6. Knobs
  7. Acrylic windows
  8. remote control handset

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