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digital out

What does the digital out put do:

The output stage is a stabiliser to the s/pdif or AES/EBU signal for driving long lines and make it for the following stage easier to work. The heart it is the special transformer with silver/teflon wires that we have developed.

digital output stage




The PCB will be delivered with all connectors.


The digital output that comes from the CD-Pro2 or another digital source looks often not as a square wave. This might be a problem of the output transformer.


Output of a Philips CD 940



Our digital output stage will amply the signal coming from an s/pdif output too TTL signal level than stabilised over a LINE-driver and will be then divided into two separate signal paths with S/PDIF format and AES/EBU format. The output is galvanic decoupled by a special, hand made transformer with high-end powder ring core for digital signals and separate silver wire coils with PTFE isolation for AES/EBU and S/PDIF. With this output stage one can use longer lines without lost of performance and the signal was improved to a real square wave.


Ouput of the CD-Pro2



Hand made transformer for digital out and other applications:

The handmade  transformer has the following advantages: One can use special ferrite powder-ring-core and adapt the meandering of the coils exactly on the circuit.

We use a high quality silver wire with Teflon isolation for the coils. The coils will be glued on the ring.

The Teflon/Silver wire has the following advantages in the opposite of enamelled wire:

  • less microphone effects
  • The wire is more softly and thus better to process. It puts closely to powder ring. In connection with the gluing a compact unit results.
  • A firm magnetic coupling develops also, because nearly the entire magnetic flow implements both windings.




Other crucial Components

For each task we use special condensers:

  • For the signal path MKP/FKP condensers of Vishay with small tolerance and outstanding high-frequency response.
  • For the supporting of voltage supply not-inductive MKT condensers of Philips.
  • For the logic circuits special condensers of Panasonic, not-inductively and with special high frequency characteristics

signal improvement of the digital outpustage with CD-Pro2LF

The original signal from digital out of the Cd-Pro2 looks like this... 


This is the improved signal after the digital outout stage. It has better flanks and a higher amplitude.




technical data:

  • Measures of the PCB in as-delivered condition:  71 x43 mm
  • power supply 5 V
  • input 75 R
  • output 75 R for s/pdif and 47 R for AES/EBU
  • symmetric, unsymmetric output
  • s/pdif output format
  • AES/EBU output format

output formats


s/pdif format with RCA connector  


AES/EBU format with XLR plug  





You can order the power supply as follows:

  1. schematics
  2. Layout with schematics (eagle board)
  3. PCB with parts
  4. PCB soldered and tested

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